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Chocolate Pavlova Cake; Hagrid Approved.

I remember when I tried my first pavlova. I had no idea what it was, even though it is apparently my mom's favorite dessert? Who woulda guessed. It was in sixth grade, back in the good ol' days when our classmates would bring in celebratory sweets to feed the class. Honestly those were THE BEST days of school because you had some sugary mystery waiting for you in homeroom. That's how I feel nowadays about eating mac n' cheese or ice cream in my bed/bath. But I digress.

One of my favorite people, who I affectionately dubbed "Lupa", was the one who brought in a beautiful pavlova for the class on her birthday. It was a fluffy white cloud covered in whipped cream and colorful fruit that even us sixth graders were excited to eat. Thus began my love of pavlova! I didn't get to eat it very much though. My mom doesn't have much of a sweet tooth so she rarely made it, and I had no idea what an egg white was.

Now as a 20 year old baking expert I can make a pavlova whenever! OR even a triple layered chocolate pavlova cake! So that's what I decided to do last night.

As you can see, Hagrid gathered all the necessary ingredients for this masterpiece. I readied my pans with parchment paper, and since I have 0 artistic talent I traced this pan to create equal sized templates for my layers! Don't forget to flip them over so your'e not tasting any pencil graphite.

Next we just whipped up the egg whites. Pavlova, if you're not familiar, is essentially just egg whites and sugar beat to a soft, fluffy cloud, baked, and covered in cream, fruit, or whatever else you want.

I chose to make a chocolate swirled pavlova, so I added plenty of cocoa powder once my egg whites were whipped to stiff peaks to achieve that color you see below.

Artfully create three layers with your egg white mixture. Before I did this I made chocolate ganache and poured it down the side of the bowl in order to create a swirled effect.

Make sure you let them cool in the warm oven so you get that marshmallow texture inside that is to DIE for!

I used the traditional topping of whipped cream for this cake. Make sure it's whipped up pretty stiff since you don't want the cream to slide off. This will act as the cake's "icing".

Now for assembly and decoration, my favorite part! I had a bunch of extra oreos laying around from when I had an order of red velvet oreo brownies (available to order and highly addictive). I decided to add them in between the layers to add some extra chocolatey flavor and crunch, and to please my sister who loves oreos. I then proceeded to add the remaining two layers and whipped cream.

After stacking, here is the final result!

My mom had some beautiful, fresh strawberries from the local farmers market so I threw some of them on the top to add freshness and brightness to the chocolatey meringue. The end result was adorable!

And there is my three layer chocolate pavlova cake! Of course, with Hagrid's approval on the finished product! I hope you enjoyed and choose to indulge a little and make this beautiful monstrosity for yourself! It was definitely a chaotic bake as pavlova can be quite delicate, but it was so fun and so worth it in the end. Definitely one of my favorite bakes to date!

It tasted better than I can describe! It was literally gone in 24 hours. The chewy meringue and the whipped cream tasted like a dream, combined with the pop of fresh strawberry was like that scene from the movie Ratatouille when Emile tries the different flavor combinations and his life is changed forever. Yes, THAT GOOD. 11/10 recommend.

Stay safe and healthy out there. Life may suck a little, but you can always eat cake!

Much love,

Kat and Hagrid

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